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Local Auto Glass, is a local, family-run, consumer-driven service company with higher standards.

Our mission is to offer a truly, "consumer-focused" experience that will meet the needs and expectations off all consumers. We understand that everybody is busy and most have a schedule that did not include stopping to get a new windshield or door-glass. However, we are here to make this easier for you. When you contact Local Auto Glass you will be speaking directly to someone who has been in this business for over a decade and truly understands what you are going thorugh and how to help you best. We service all vehicles, makes and models. We accept all insurance companies rates, and we offer a special "no-insurance" discount as well as competitor price matching and "cash discounts".


Insurance coverage can seem complicated, but its just written that way to encourage you not to use it. Our staff are experts in this process and will not only advise you but assist you in getting the absolute most out of your coverage. Many people dont understand that a glass claim is much different than a theft or collision claim. It doesnt hurt you or go against you in any way there is never a surcharge for using glass coverage, in fact in most cases there is a ZERO $ Deductible.  If you are not sure about your coverage our staff can contact the insurance company on your behalf and find out with no obligation or cost to you. If you do have "glass coverage" in your policy, and if so, then we will assist you in filing your claim, and can generally schedule you for same-day or next-day service. 


We even offer Free Local Mobile Service and don't charge any disposal fees. We Accept all Insurance Co. Rates and NEVER CHARGE EXTRA for services.





  Today's automobiles are becoming ever--more advanced in technology, safety features, and optional equipment. Unfortunately the dealerships and sales associates are not fully explaining these features when selling new vehicles and the consumers go on not knowing or understanding many of their new vehicle's features. It is imperative that we obtain the correct information about your vehicle when you are scheduling service. If you are not 100% sure about anything or any equipment we ask you about then simply let us know, this is NOT A PROBLEM. With your vehicle's V.I.N we can cross reference and determine the exact equipment your vehicle has and the exact part number required to repair the vehicle.







Enjoy our new, modern interactive website, we do all of our web design in house and are in the process of implementing many options into the website to increase your convenience and accommodation options. please understand if certain features are "under construction" 

We  communicate with our customers every step of the way as much or as little as you would like.  Our technicians always contact everyone the schedule for the day in the morning to confirm and make any changes needed, we also always like to send a message or call when in route to you with an exact time of arrival. Ta Great communication is the very first step to a Great Experience. 

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Save time, Call us First.

Instead of waiting on hold with your insurance company, call us first and let us do that for you. all you will need to do is approve it.

 Same-Day or Next-Day and Free Mobile Service


Fax - 617-500-9728

Before and After pictures of a broken door glass repair.

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